Golden Ale

Guide to Golden Ale

Though not one of the most popular or well-known styles of ale that exists today, golden ales are growing as a significant individual style due to their extremely easy-going drinkability and highly refreshing nature.

These beers are often closely compared to and even named as tropical, summer, and pacific ale beers, meaning many bottles of these beers favour hoppy fruit flavours and low to mild hoppy bitterness over the malt profile and flavour.

Golden Ale Characteristics

Added to this, their levels of alcohol are often somewhat subdued, sitting around the 4% mark, making them incredibly sessionable beers that are designed to be enjoyed over multiple sips.

It is also typical to find these beers visibly clear and golden to straw in their appearance, light in their body, and possessing fruit flavours of citrus, pine resin, and floral notes due to the use of American and English style hops.

Though only recently cemented as a unique style of ale, and often overshadowed by the more interestingly named tropical, summer, and pacific ale category, golden ales are a must for anyone looking to find refreshing summer-friendly beers that can be enjoyed even by those who don’t regularly consume beer.

For more on this style and others, consider this useful guide by popular Australian brand James Squire.

Pairing Food with Golden Ale

Pairing Food with Golden Ale

As a style, golden ales seem to exist solely as a refreshing warm weather beverage that can and should only be enjoyed when relaxing by the beach or resting in the summer months.

Whilst this exists as one of the primary and best methods for enjoying these beers, their highly refreshing character and fruit-forward style means they can be matched with a variety of foods and dishes to create truly wonderful pairings.

Easily one of the best pairing opportunities is to match these beers alongside a serving of lightly grilled or roasted seafood or chicken, as the mild to moderate amounts of hoppy fruit flavour balance nicely with many of the flavours found in these types of dishes.

Added to this, golden ales are sublime when consumed along salad dishes that are made with zesty sauces and contain meat, or finally, with fruit-based desserts, such as a simple fruit salad or lemon meringue.

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