Guide to Fruit & Field Beer

Fruit and field beers are an exceptionally rare style of specialty beer that typically takes a standard light to medium bodied lager or ale and adds whole fruits or vegetables or their extracts at some point during the brewing process.

The resulting beer is often somewhat sweeter in taste than a standard brew and the majority of base ales or lagers used are low to medium in both their hop and malt profiles.

Fruit & Field Beer Characteristics

Although the levels of carbonation found in fruit and field beers can vary wildly, the prominent fruit, vegetable, or spice flavours found are almost always one of or a combination of cherry, raspberry, blueberry, apricot, peach, cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg.

This site lists many of the prominent sub-styles of fruit and field beers that exist for those who want to explore the category further.

Pairing Food with Fruit & Field Beer

Pairing Food with Fruit & Field Beer

Considering these brews often finish somewhat sweeter than regular beer, it is typically recommended to enjoy them on their own so as to preserve the fruit, vegetable, or spice flavours found in the particular example being tasted.

That being said, when pairing these beers with food, consider complementing them with a bowl of fresh fruit, a platter of creamy cheeses, or even alongside a serving of vanilla ice cream.

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