Other White Wine Varietals

With there being hundreds of white-wine-producing grape varietals available for study and tasting world wide, it would like a life time of drinking and reading to cover all of them.

Luckily for us, most of the more widely available styles can be narrowed down to a select few major varietals, explored in the comprehensive guides found on this site and other places.

In this quick guide to some of the lesser-known varietals of white wine, you can learn more about the flavour profiles and food pairing recommendations with the rarer styles not covered in the main guides.

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Albariño is one of the premier wine grape varietals found in the North-West Corner of Spain and is an aromatic dry white wine varietal that is characteristically high in acidity and light-bodied.

Most of these wines possess a prominent citrus backbone that gives way to a soft minerality and flavours of apricot and grapefruit.

As these wines are typically aromatic in their style, they are perfect for those who prefer a light-bodied but full flavoured white wine perfect for enjoyment in summer.

The best food pairing option with these wines includes pairing them with fish and light meat dishes with an herbal seasoning.

Albariño Quick Guide


Although traditionally reserved for use as a brandy producing grape varietal, colombard grapes are now planted right across the world, with them often finding their way into a number of blends or sometimes on their own.

Colombard grapes produce a dry white wine known for its light-body and neutral but highly refreshing and acidic flavour profile, which explains why it’s so prominently used as a blending wine.

Flavours that are often present in colombard wines include crisp pear and peach, with these traits making these wines ideal as a summer beverage. Food pairing options include light garden salads or sushi.

Colombard Quick Guide


Gewürztraminer wines, although similar to moscato wines in their highly aromatic and typically sweeter flavour profile, are typically lower in their levels of acidity, more medium-bodied, and higher in alcohol.

Because of these traits, and their intense aromas of rose, lychee, grapefruit, and ginger, gewürztraminer wines are generally more sophisticated in their style than moscato wines, making them great for people looking to add to their sweet white wine list.

When it comes to pairing food with gewürztraminer wines, look for Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes that contain seasoned roast meats alongside dried fruits or nuts, as this highly aromatic wine brings out new flavours in these dishes.

Gewürztraminer Quick Guide


Moscato wines can be produced in a variety of styles, however, they are most commonly found in the form of a sweet and light-bodied white wine that is low in alcohol (around 5%) and either completely still or slightly carbonated.

Whilst retaining moderate levels of acidity, the overwhelmingly sweet and fruity aromatics found in these wines means that our brain often perceives them as sweet.

Common flavours found in moscato wines include honeysuckle, mandarin, ripe pear, and light citrus, meaning they often pair best with hot and spicy asian food or sweetly roasted barbecue pork.

Moscato Quick Guide


Verdelho, one of the most famous dry white wine varietals from Portugal, is now grown right across the world where it is famed for its medium-body and moderate amounts of acidity.

Due to its highly refreshing fruit-forward character of tropical fruits, citrus, and honeysuckle, it is ideally consumed as an easy drinking wine during summer and alongside light meals.

For specific food pairings with this style, it’s refreshing character can be successfully paired with seafood dishes, including oysters, crab, and lobster, and also matched with light to moderately textured spicy asian meals.

Verdelho Quick Guide


Made primarily in the central Italian region of Le Marche, verdicchio wines are dry white wines famous for their light but somewhat oily body, high acidity, and sweet aromas of peach.

These wines present with a clean, crisp taste thanks to their moderate levels of acidity and balance flavours, including almonds, peaches, and citrus, together in a wine made to be enjoyed in warmer weather.

Because of their flavour profile and refreshing style, these wines are often best matched with a variety of finger foods or appetisers, including almonds, prosciutto, and quiche, but also alongside light poultry and seafood dishes.

Verdicchio Quick Guide


Vermentino is a unique style of dry white wine famously produced in Sardinia, where it can be made either oaked or unoaked.

Its uniqueness is evidenced mostly through it’s incredibly herbaceous flavour profile, which is presented in a light to medium bodied wine.

With a moderate amount of refreshing acidity, it blends the herbal flavours mentioned previously alongside hints of citrus, green apple, and even sea spray, making it a wine made to be enjoyed in summer.

It is best to pair this wine with grilled fish and white meat dishes, especially those with an herbal or zingy sauce or dressing.

Vermentino Quick Guide


Being notoriously difficult to cultivate, viognier grapes produce dry white wines that are similar to chardonnays in their body and taste profile but differ in that they’re far more aromatic when grown and fermented correctly.

With a full-body, low level of acidity, floral aroma, and prominent flavours of ripe peaches, mangoes, and honeysuckle, viognier wines are an excellent choice for those who like heavier style white wines with powerful flavours.

When it comes to pairing food with viognier wines, it is best to match them with moderately heavy dishes that use almonds, citrus, fruits, or aromatic herbs.

Viognier Quick Guide

There's a bottle of white wine out there for everyone. Here are some of the brands and bottles that we recommend you look out for the next time you're browsing online or in-store.

Brown Brothers 2019 Victorian Moscato Tasting Notes
Sweet & lightly sparkling, this wine has distinct flavours of peach & musk, making it very approachable & great when served chilled.

Brown Brothers

2019 Victorian Moscato
Dopff Au Moulin Gewurztraminer 2018 Tasting Notes
Initially sweet thanks to the strong taste of lychees & other tropical fruits, this wine finishes clean & dry, with a mineral-like sharpness.

Dopff Au Moulin

2018 Alsatian Gewurztraminer
Zonin Ventiterre Soave 2019 Tasting Notes
Clean & wonderfully refreshing, this is a unique Italian white wine that starts off delicately sweet but finishes crisp & dry.

Zonin Ventiterre

2019 Veneto Soave
Paul Mas Vignobles 2019 Pays d'Oc Marsanne Tasting Notes
With a hint of sweetness at the start, this wine finishes smooth & refreshing thanks to a balanced flavour profile of crisp white fruit.

Paul Mas Vignobles

2019 Pays d'Oc Marsanne

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