Guide to Blanco Tequila

Blanco or white tequila is often seen as primarily for use as an alcoholic base for some of the most popular tequila based cocktail recipes, including the margarita and Paloma.

Whilst they represent some of the best to use in these and other popular mixed drinks, blanco tequilas are not to be relegated just to this type of consumption.

Blanco Tequila Characteristics

Many examples of exceptionally fine blanco tequila are available and the first step to knowing which to buy begins with understanding how this style works.

In the simplest of terms, blanco tequila is representative of tequila in its purest form, as the spirit cannot rely upon ageing to add greater complexity or overcome any unpleasant flavours.

Because of this lack of ageing, blanco tequila usually contains prominent flavours of agave sweetness, citrus, and pepper, which is what makes it great for use in a swathe of citrus style cocktails or other mixed drinks.

One of the easiest methods of discerning which is made for sipping and those that should only be used in a mixed drink is to look for a 100% agave label on the bottle.

Those made entirely from the agave plant and not from that and a blend of other sugars are far more authentic in taste and much more expensive to produce.

The higher price paid to produce 100% blue agave tequilas often means only truly dedicated tequila distillers go down this route, resulting in a far better quality tequila.

This point is further elaborated upon in this article.

Map of Blanco Tequila Distilleries & Brands

Blanco Tequila Distilleries Map

Being one of the easiest and fastest tequila varieties to produce, there are a multitude of distilleries producing a range of brands, with bottles ranging from super premium in quality to cheap mixtos tequila party spirits.

All of the big brands, including Don Julio, Patrón, Jose Cuervo, and El Jimador produce their own blanco tequilas, however, smaller brands are not to be overlooked when considering this tequila category.

Being the most valuable tequila brand in the world is a distinction that means Don Julio needs no introduction. Though they craft a range of premium tequilas, Don Julio Blanco Tequila is perhaps one of the brands most popular and authentic products.

Used as the base for all of their aged tequila products, their blanco tequila is famed for its hints of citrus, agave sweetness, and clean, crisp finish that makes it perfect as a sipping spirit to be savoured slowly.

Outside of Don Julio, Patrón exists as the next easily recognisable premium tequila brand in the world. Whilst also crafting various bottles of tequila products, including some tequila based liqueurs, their bottle of Patrón Silver Tequila is the flagship product in their range.

Containing notes of light fruits, citrus, agave sweetness, and with a slightly peppery finish, this blanco tequila sets a high benchmark for others in the category to reach.

Moving beyond the premium segment, Jose Cuervo is the number one selling tequila brand in the world, famous for producing a range of mixtos tequilas that are made to be enjoyed as cocktail or other mixed drink bases.

Their bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila is suitably light and peppery in taste, as any blanco tequila should be, but is known for being a blend of blue agave and other sugars, rendering it as a product of inferior quality.

For a product outside of the premium price point that will still satisfy your demand for quality, the El Jimador Blanco Tequila is famed as being one of the best 100% blue agave mid range blanco tequilas on the market.

With a light citrus taste that is characterised by a crisp, zingy, and somewhat herbaceous finish, this bottle is ideal for use in a swathe of popular cocktails but also suitable for those looking for a quality sipping tequila at a reasonable price.

Whilst these represent some of the biggest brands in tequila today, be sure to dig deeper into the smaller distilleries and brands as it is possible to find exceptionally unique bottles at competitive prices.

How to Drink Blanco Tequila

As with some other clear spirit categories in the world, such as white rum or vodka, blanco tequilas are known to work best in a number of popular cocktails and other mixed drinks due to its easy mixability, many of them explored in this site.

Whilst this is true in many instances, especially in the case of lower quality mixtos tequilas whose off flavours can be mixed away in basic mixed drinks like tequila & orange juice, premium bottles of 100% blue agave blanco tequila should be savoured neat or over ice, so as to best enjoy their often delicate flavours.

At its best, the category is hailed for its tastes of pronounced citrus, agave sweetness, soft herbaceousness, and clean and sometimes delicately peppery finish.

When purchasing bottles of a lower quality for mixing, however, some popular cocktail examples for blanco tequilas include the Paloma, margarita, or tequila mojito although many other examples exist.

Pairing Food with Blanco Tequila

Pairing Food with Blanco Tequila

Due to many blanco tequilas containing a smooth blend of flavours, including sweet agave, pepper, citrus, and herbs, they often pair best with foods that contain similar flavour profiles.

With this in mind, many types of grilled seafood or light taco dishes match well with the citrus and pepper flavours experienced in many blanco tequilas.

For more interesting food pairing options, consider matching these tequilas with vegetable based dishes, especially those with corn, green pepper, or capsicum, as dishes heavy on these foods mix wonderfully with the flavours present in the tequila.

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