Helles Lager

Guide to Helles Lager

Existing as one of the easiest drinking and approachable styles of beer available, helles lager, which means “pale in colour” in German, is a style of lager that balances a delicately sweet malt profile against a very subtle amount of hoppy bitterness and spicy hop flavour.

The style is often very recognisable thanks to its bright golden colour and incredibly clear appearance that is moderate to high in its amounts of carbonation.

Helles Lager Characteristics

Because of the beers overall light flavour profile and medium body, it is known for being highly refreshing in its character and perfect as a clean drinking summer beverage alongside a variety of light food options.

For more information on how this style is brewed, consider this thoroughly in-depth article.

Pairing Food with Helles Lager

Pairing Food with Helles Lager

As mentioned previously, the refreshingly light and easy-drinking nature of helles lagers makes them beautiful matches with a range of light dishes or enjoyable even simply on their own during the summer months.

With this in mind, pair them alongside servings of fresh or light salad dishes, light white meat dishes with zingy or herbaceous sauces, and finally, light seafood dishes, particularly shellfish.

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