Dunkel Lager

Guide to Dunkel Lager

Another famous style of lager heralding from Germany, a dunkel lager, which translates to “dark” in German, is a light to dark brown tinted brew that contains pronounced malt flavours of caramel, chocolate, and toasted bread.

Though the style clearly favours the malt profile over that of the hops, these beers are not overly sweet and the malt flavours present are balanced out by a restrained level of hoppy bitterness, which is used to provide a pleasant contrast in taste.

Dunkel Lager Characteristics

With most examples of these beers being medium in their body and moderately carbonated, they are quite a mouthcoating style and often possess a creamy texture.

These beers are a good choice for those who appreciate the rich creaminess of a porter but want the lighter body of a typical lager and lesser amount of sweetness.

For more on the subtleties of this style, visit this useful site.

Pairing Food with Dunkel Lager

Pairing Food with Dunkel Lager

Due to the styles fondness for rich malty flavours of toasted bread, caramel, and chocolate, dunkels are an excellent match with food, in particular roasted or grilled meats.

With this in mind, it is often best to match them alongside barbecued meat dishes, especially pork chops, or any kind of roast or grilled sausage dish.

For a more exotic pairing, consider serving them alongside spicy South-East Asian dishes as the hot spiciness of the dish is balanced by the subtle sweetness of the brew.

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