Guide to Altbier

Altbier, with “alt” translating to “old” in German, is a unique style of hybrid beer that uses ale yeast in a process of cold fermentation, producing beers with a copper to dark brown appearance.

Due to its unique brewing process, these beers are often rare to find outside of their home city of Düsseldorf, Germany, although some craft examples do exist.

Altbier Characteristics

A typically light to medium bodied brew, altbiers often balance both moderate hop and malt profiles together, with prominent flavours often including spicy hop notes against a biscuity and bready malt profile.

These beers usually finish dry with a moderate to high amount of carbonation and hop bitterness, making them wildly popular amongst the brewhouses of their native city.

For more on the specific flavour profile and characteristics of these beers, consider this thorough guide.

Pairing Food with Altbier

Pairing Food with Altbier

Due to their wonderful combination of malt and hop flavours, altbiers are often well-matched with a variety of locally made German dishes, particularly German sausage or roast pork dishes.

Outside of this, altbiers also pair nicely with grilled or baked salmon dishes as well as roast chicken.

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