Oktoberfestbier & Märzen Lager

Guide to Oktoberfestbier & Märzen Lager

Distinctly German in their name, history, and stylistic tendencies, Oktoberfestbiers and märzen lagers are malt-forward styles of lager that can be yellow to gold in their appearance, in the case of Oktoberfestbiers, or orange to reddish copper, in the case of märzen lagers.

Oktoberfestbier & Märzen Lager Characteristics

When considering the two styles, there are quite a lot of similarities between them as both are medium-bodied brews with a somewhat creamy texture, both are moderate in their levels of carbonation, and both possess a moderately strong sweet malt profile that is light to moderate in its flavours of bread and toast.

What separates the two sub-styles beyond their colour is their respective hop profiles as the lighter-coloured Oktoberfestbiers often contain more moderate amounts of both hoppy bitterness and hoppy spice and herbal flavours.

Generally speaking, the lighter Oktoberfestbier is ideal for those after a more sessionable style with a delicately spiced or floral character, whilst the heavier and maltier taste profile of the märzen lager means they’re perfect for those seeking a richer taste experience.

To discover more on how these styles are brewed, read this interesting article.

Pairing Food with Oktoberfestbier & Märzen Lager

Pairing Food with Oktoberfestbier & Märzen Lager

Although these two styles of lager are quite close in their overall flavour profile and character, the slight differences that do arise mean they are best matched with slightly different dishes.

When considering the maltier märzen lager, they are often a perfect match alongside rich grilled meat dishes, in particular German sausages or grilled pork chops.

For the slightly hoppier and lighter Oktoberfestbier, consider any type of light to medium pizza with meat toppings or any serving of roast or grilled white meat.

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