Vienna Lager

Guide to Vienna Lager

Being slightly more reddish to pale brown in colour than standard examples of pale lager, the Vienna lager is a light to medium bodied and malt-forward style of beer with a moderately intense malt profile that imparts flavours of toasted bread and subtle doughy sweetness.

Vienna Lager Characteristics

The hop profile of these brews is always low, with it rare to find any hoppy fruit flavours and only low to moderate degrees of hoppy bitterness in the somewhat dry finish.

With carbonation at moderate levels, Vienna lagers are highly refreshing in their nature thanks to the style's crisp finish and typically easy-drinking nature.

For more on the specific qualities of this style, consider this in-depth guide.

Pairing Food with Vienna Lager

Pairing Food with Vienna Lager

Because of its typically malt-forward flavour profile, these beers are wonderful accompaniments with food, in particular meat dishes and those containing light to moderate amounts of hot spice.

For meat pairings, match the subtle sweetness and doughy taste of the Vienna lager with charred meats from the barbecue or German sausages, particularly those served with mustard or coated in spicy seasonings.

When it comes to spicy foods, serve these brews alongside spicy chicken wings or even lightly spiced and battered fish.

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