Guide to Kölsch

Renowned for being exceptionally crisp and easy-drinking, kölsch beers are a style of hybrid beer that is light-bodied and light to moderate in both its hop and malt profile.

Originating in the German city of Cologne, the style is now brewed right across the world by a number of craft and big brewing companies.

Kölsch Characteristics

Kölsch beers are a style of hybrid beer due to the fact that they combine ale yeast fermentation with cold storage practices, otherwise known as lagering, during production.

For an in-depth guide to how these beers are brewed, consider this thorough brewing guide, perfect for those wishing to brew the style at home.

Beyond the attributes mentioned previously, kölsch beers are also bottled highly carbonated, straw to very pale yellow in their colour, dry in their finish, and moderate in their amount of hop bitterness.

Often consumed when the weather is hot and instant refreshment is being sought, kölsch beers feature flavours of subtle malty sweetness and mild hop fruit flavours of spice and herb.

Pairing Food with Kölsch

Pairing Food with Kölsch

Due to their exceptionally refreshing style and light flavour profile, kölsch beers are often most enjoyable on their own on a steamy hot day.

When looking to pair them with food, go for light salad, fish, and crustacean dishes or German sausages or light fruit-based desserts.

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