Never Never Distilling Southern Strength Gin

Never Never Distilling Southern Strength Gin




Type: Gin

Style: Distilled Gin

Country: Australia

Alcohol: 52% ABV

Tasting Notes: This gin features a strong aroma & taste of bitter pine & pepper, making it taste distinctly dry.

Whilst it does have a very high ABV, it is still moderately smooth & also very refreshing when mixed, with a subtle amount of zingy citrus making its way through in the aftertaste.

Description: A multi award-winner, this gin is higher in alcohol than their standard gin, with the ABV level coming in at 52%, making it best used for mixing rather than sipping straight & had in moderation.

Alcohol aside, the Never Never Distilling Co. uses more angelica root, coriander seed, & lemon myrtle in the botanical mix than they do in their regular bottle of Triple Juniper Gin, giving this special gin a refreshing kick.



Tall Cocktail Glass for Southern Strength Gin & Tonic

Southern Strength Gin & Tonic

Tall Cocktail Glass for Southern Strength & Ginger

Southern Strength & Ginger

Rounded Cocktail Glass for Southern Strength Southside

Southern Strength Southside

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