Lark Symphony Blended Malt

Lark Symphony Blended Malt Australian Whisky




Type: Whisky

Style: Tasmanian Blended Malt

Country: Australia

Alcohol: 40.20% ABV

Tasting Notes: An incredibly smooth whisky, it is medium-bodied & very approachable & easy-drinking, with vanilla & caramel being two of the most obvious flavours present.

With some subtle underlying sweet fruit & honey flavours lingering for a moderate amount of time after consuming, this is a whisky that is best had neat on its own, over ice, or served with just a few drops of water.

Description: A special Australian blended malt whisky from Tasmanian distillery Lark, the whiskies used in the bottle are aged for an average of 6 years in a combination of Port, Sherry, & former American bourbon whiskey barrels, guaranteeing smoothness & complexity.



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